About Us

LA Genius Sdn Bhd has an established reputation and profile throughout Asia and with that, the company has produced products which are developed through in-depth research and monitoring especially in terms of quality and compliance standards, for the satisfaction of our customers.

Apart from high-quality products, the company is totally committed in developing its members, enabling them to achieve their maximum potential in becoming a millionaire.

Our approach to life and business includes building community through partnerships. LA Genius Sdn Bhd believes that through partnerships, it can give maximum impact towards the community. In accordance with this, LA Genius Sdn Bhd in partnership with Yayasan Muamalat Belia has formed a Community Partner to ensure that the company is on the correct path. We also work together with The World Peace Committee, an Institution of International Community with its mission to collaborate in building peace, brotherhood and modesty as One Family of Earth.

The company has been registered with both paid up capital and authorized capital worth RM10 million.

Today, with the development of the company, LA Genius Sdn Bhd has open 5 branches across the country, located in Kota Bharu,Temerloh, Kota Kinabalu,Tawau and Sandakan and 4 branches abroad located in Jakarta (Indonesia), Pekanbaru (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand) and Hatyai (Thailand) and will expand its wings to other countries .With the courage we have, we hope that we will continue receiving your kind support and encouragement. We strive to produce more new products with consideration of social needs.